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This package contains a script that automates pasting to a number of pastebin services.

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How to install: sudo apt install wgetpaste

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root@kali:~# wgetpaste -h
Usage: /usr/bin/wgetpaste [options] [file[s]]

    -l, --language LANG           set language (defaults to "Plain Text")
    -d, --description DESCRIPTION set description (defaults to "stdin" or filename)
    -n, --nick NICK               set nick (defaults to your username)
    -s, --service SERVICE         set service to use (defaults to "dpaste")
    -e, --expiration EXPIRATION   set when it should expire (defaults to "30 days")

    -S, --list-services           list supported pastebin services
    -L, --list-languages          list languages supported by the specified service
    -E, --list-expiration         list expiration setting supported by the specified service

    -u, --tinyurl URL             convert input url to tinyurl

    -c, --command COMMAND         paste COMMAND and the output of COMMAND
    -i, --info                    append the output of `emerge --info`
    -I, --info-only               paste the output of `emerge --info` only
    -x, --xcut                    read input from clipboard (requires x11-misc/xclip)
    -X, --xpaste                  write resulting url to the X primary selection buffer (requires x11-misc/xclip)
    -C, --xclippaste              write resulting url to the X clipboard selection buffer (requires x11-misc/xclip)

    -r, --raw                     show url for the raw paste (no syntax highlighting or html)
    -t, --tee                     use tee to show what is being pasted
    -v, --verbose                 show wget stderr output if no url is received
        --completions             emit output suitable for shell completions (only affects --list-*)
        --debug                   be *very* verbose (implies -v)

    -h, --help                    show this help
    -g, --ignore-configs          ignore /etc/wgetpaste.conf, ~/.wgetpaste.conf etc.
        --version                 show version information

can be overridden globally in /etc/wgetpaste.conf or /etc/wgetpaste.d/*.conf or
per user in any of ~/.wgetpaste.conf or ~/.wgetpaste.d/*.conf.

An additional http header can be passed by setting HEADER_${SERVICE} in any of the
configuration files mentioned above. For example, authenticating with github gist:
HEADER_gists="Authorization: token 1234abc56789...", or with gitlab snippets:
HEADER_snippets="PRIVATE-TOKEN: 1234abc56789..."

You can also set PUBLIC_gists='false' if you want to default to secret instead of
public github gists. In the case of gitlab, you can set VISIBILITY_snippets= to
'public', 'private' or 'internal'"

To change your gitlab server, you can override the default API URL setting

Updated on: 2022-Nov-18